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We strive to be a driving force in the health and fitness industry by promoting functional and holistic self-improvement. Our mission is to enhance the understanding and practical applications of these techniques, empowering individuals to embrace positive change in a more accessible and widespread manner.

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AMPT stands for Athletics Mindfulness Personal Training. We have seamlessly merged these two aspects of life to offer a holistic approach to transforming your life.

At AMPT, we are a tight-knit community dedicated to empowering others through education and training, enabling them to consistently achieve success. By helping you improve your habits, perspectives, and self-relationship, we bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

This personal growth will not only simplify your journey through modern life but also effortlessly attract success. We will make you Fit For Life!

Meet the family

Coach Moose

Coach Moose


I met Travis in college and through FITNESS and PHILOSOPHY, we went from enemies to friends to family. Our shared struggles with self-image issues, confidence issues, depression and a love for competition allowed us to bond in a brotherly way.

After 9 years in the Army, and 5 years in the corporate world, I realized that what I wanted was to do was make as big of a positive impact in society as I could by trying to fill a need that I resonate with and here we are now.

We are new to Savannah, we moved here in December of 2021, and we brought the rest of our family with us.


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Ricky and I grew up in very different environments, but we shared many formative experiences. We grew up lacking guidance and with more questions about ourselves and the world around us than anyone could provide answers for. The friendship we eventually developed made obvious the similarities and differences in the models of the world that we created. For a few years after college our paths diverged, but the enrichment we gained from consolidating our world views continued to grow. In the summer of 2019, we decided that to become the best versions of ourselves that we could be, we needed to align our personal and professional efforts. In our effort to find what it was we wanted to create, we began personally implementing the habits that we now teach through Athletics and Mindfulness Personal Training (AMPT). We realized that the tools we helped each other employ to make ourselves happier, healthier and more successful were themselves the key to the future we wanted to make. It doesn’t matter whether you start by learning mindfulness practices or by committing yourself to becoming more physically fit. The benefits of each overlap and reinforce one another. And the congruent practice of each allows new, unexpected possibilities to grow. In our journey of finding ourselves, we found the principles that guide the efforts of AMPT. We are here to share our experiences as much as we are here to learn from those around us, and we hope to bring something into the world that makes the happiness and fulfillment we’ve found accessible to anyone willing to take the first step.



Yoga Teacher

Hi I’m Marissa!  I welcomed yoga into my life almost ten years ago, having no idea what a big impact it would have on me and my life path.  I spent a long time changing careers, hobbies, and moving to new places.  I noticed that one of the only constants in my life was yoga.  I loved sharing it with others and with the support of my husband, Moose, decided to make it my career.

I spend a lot of my time with my dog, Willow, who is my absolute soulmate.  I also consider myself so lucky to have such close family and friends.  Going for walks clears my head.  I think the beach is such a nice place to be.  I am constantly doing whatever I can to help animals.
I love meeting new people.  If you’d like to learn about yoga or go for a walk and talk about your pets, I’m your girl.  Look for me when you come to the gym or reach out so we can become friends.
Coach Sergio

Coach Sergio

Mobility Coach

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve played soccer for most of life. After graduating high school I pursing a professional soccer career until injury cut it short. I got the opportunity to come to America on a scholarship, I jumped at the chance, to continue to play at a high level and get an education in a field that excited me.

In college I met my wife, and in 2021 we became parents to a beautiful baby boy, becoming a dad has given my entire life a new meaning. I am fortunate to have had so many strong role models growing up and now that I have a son of my own I am more aware of the impact that positive influences can have in ones life.

I am a self professed book worm who enjoys a physical challenge. Saturday’s are for football (soccer). I loves jazz, hip hip, going for long runs with my wife, traveling and playing with my son.

Coach Gio

Coach Gio

Playtime Coach

Coach Gio is our playtime specialist! You can often find him drenched in what would seem to be sweat, but is more likely drool. He is currently learning English, so please be patient if he is hard to understand. He has a very busy schedule, but if he is around the gym, do not be afraid to talk to him. He is a little energetic ball of positive energy unless he is fighting a much needed nap.



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