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At AMPT, we revolutionize your journey through modern life. Our accessible solutions help you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and success. Experience our holistic approach and make every moment truly unforgettable.

The Dilemma

Life doesn’t come with a manual! Many of us are on a journey of figuring out how to live a happy and successful life, constantly learning along the way. Unfortunately, we often develop negative and unhealthy habits as a response to trauma or simply because we lack knowledge. And too often, we seek guidance from individuals who are also trying to navigate life’s complexities. But here’s the truth: each of us has a unique set of experiences, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, despite our differences, there are universal best practices that can empower us to live with less suffering and struggle. By understanding our minds and bodies, we can navigate this world more effectively, fostering well-being and personal growth. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the transformative power of implementing these practices in our lives.


 Our solution is a science-based approach that enables personal growth and self-awareness. With our current understanding of the brain and the world around us, we have the opportunity to improve our health and habits like never before.

By rewiring our subconscious habits, we can positively impact all aspects of our lives. Studies have shown that practices such as exercise and meditation have profound benefits, allowing us to gain new insights and abilities. This increased self-awareness gives us greater control over our identity and unlocks our true potential.

You don’t need to live with monks or go on expensive retreats to find this deeper understanding and cultivate healthier habits. It simply requires your time, commitment, and willingness to grow. By implementing effective practices for training, nutrition, and overall well-being, anyone can begin their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Aligning our daily efforts with our goals and values as a community allows us to experience less suffering and enjoy life to the fullest. Each day, striving to be better is a small yet significant step towards becoming a more successful and self-reliant member of society.


At AMPT, we believe in the power of individuality. We see each member of our community as a unique individual with their own behaviors, movement patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. By combining this understanding with our collective human experience, we are able to accelerate our clients’ success. We take the time to truly know and understand our clients – their wants, needs, goals, and perspectives on the world. With this knowledge, we create a personalized plan and environment that challenges them in various aspects of life, leading to consistent success.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that developing positive habits in resistance, discomfort, and growth during workouts can have a transformative impact on all areas of life. By building your physical and mental understanding, capabilities, and capacity through exercise, you gain the awareness and confidence needed to excel in other areas – whether it’s asking for a promotion, starting a business, pursuing a hobby, or going the extra mile for a loved one. We understand that success should not be confined to the gym alone. That’s why we strive to educate and bring awareness to the parallels between fitness and life, empowering our clients to take control of their lives and create the fulfilling experiences they deserve. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be by establishing healthy habits and fostering lasting change.

Our approach centers around taking fitness further and making you fit for life. We want you to be equipped to handle all aspects of life, now and in the future. Our holistic solutions prepare you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience – because every moment matters. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the power of being the best version of yourself.


 Our brains are made of synaptic connections that control our bodies, house our intelligence, interpret our senses and the world around us, and control our behaviors. The more often certain neurons fire, the more likely they are to fire again because the path these electrical impulses travel along begins to create this insulating layer called a myelin sheath. This myelin sheath allows for a quicker and more efficient transmission of information. What this ultimately means is that as we have thoughts more frequently, we are wiring our brains to have these thoughts more easily and it essentially becomes a default and subconscious habit or behavior. These thoughts can cause or be caused by various chemicals being released (aka an emotion). The brain then sends and receives signals from the nervous system triggering various movements and reactions throughout our bodies.

All of this is a detailed way to break down the fact that as human beings, we are a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious habits that are usually subconsciously embedded into our way of living and guided by various beliefs, values and perceptions. How we think and feel creates our state of being, which directly impacts this experience called life.

By now you may be wondering what we can do to change all of this? How can we take control of our lives and break the cycle of negative thoughts and unhealthy habits?

Well, it’s not easy, but it is simple. We change the stimulus! By changing your habits, perceptions of the world, relationship with yourself and increasing your understanding of your mind and body, we can start to affect immediate and long lasting change! We do this through education and training in both athletics and mindfulness. By changing what you do, how you do it and how you see yourself, we can effectively change your habits. If you maintain these habits long enough, they become a lifestyle, and if you live a lifestyle long enough, it becomes your life!



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