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Why Combine Athletics & Mindfulness


Welcome to AMPT, where athleticism and mindfulness converge for better results that allow you to unlock your full potential and take control of your life. You will develop a strong mind/body connection, surpass limits, and break self-limiting beliefs. Correcting your posture and empowering yourself is just one way we can exploit this combination to help you become more confident in every aspect of life. We leverage integration to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Two undeniable ways to enhance life: meditation and exercise. Understand your mind and body for remarkable results. Amplify capabilities, expand capacity, and embrace success in every dimension of your life.

Open Gym: $120/Month

Enjoy ALMOST unlimited access to our facility. We give you access to our smart lock and allow you to use the facility 24/7. The only time that access is limited is for certain events, classes or maintenance hours. We do our best to make our community aware of these occurences in advance, but otherwise, our gym is your gym! To subscribe, you must sign up in person.

Personal Training: $75/Session

Multiple payment options are available! We do our best to be flexible to add convenience and stress-free process.

For new clients, we suggest our ON-BOARDING PROCESS.



8 Sessions comprising the first month as a client

Session 1 Mobility Assessment with our kinesiologist. A thorough full-body assessment that allows us to identify and limiting ranges of motion, imbalances and/or safety concenrs. You will leave this session with any recommended movements or exercises that will help with any chronic aches or pains.

Session 2Mindfulness Assessment with our life coach. A quality of life assessment and snapshot of your current goals, obstacles, purpose, dreams and aspirations. This is an opportunity to re-center and take inventory of the life you are currently living while also starting to plan for a successful and prosperous future. You will leave this session with some new perspectives to consider and clarity in the biggest changes you can make to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Sessions 3-8Strength & Conditioning with your trainer. You will begin to establish a baseline of capabilities and capacity that will develop greatly in the coming weeks. You will start learning and training for your fitness goals. These first few sessions are pivotal, as this is when your central nervous system begins to connect with your body in greater detail, deepening your mind/body connection and allowing you to do more and be more!

Semi-Private Training (2 Clients): $120 ($60/Client)

Want to train with a significant other or friend? Bring them along!

With 2 clients, you will still receive the quality training and attention that you would if you were doing 1 on 1 personal training. Although you both may be doing the same workout, you will still receive a high level of personalized challenge and feedback.



Small Group Training (3-5 Clients): $40/Client

Want to train as a group? Let’s do it!

There is a lot of fun and creative things that we can do with groups of 3 or more. Team workouts have a certain energy that allows everyone to push hard and have fun.

For groups larger than 5, please call for a quote. Our space is limited and will have to plan logistic in advance.



Life Coaching: $75/Session

Life is full of challenges and hardships. If you find yourself struggling to navigate through it all, it might be time to seek guidance from a life coach. We will sit down together, delving into your life experiences, understanding your past traumas, and bringing clarity to your path forward.

Being flexible beings constantly evolving, it can be challenging to comprehend and measure every transformation we go through. As your dedicated life coach, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current state, evaluating the quality of life you are experiencing right now.

From there, we will embark on a journey to help you become the best version of yourself, shedding light on your purpose, identity, sources of joy, fostering fulfillment, releasing the grip of the past, and envisioning your ideal future. Through our guidance, you will develop the necessary skills and understanding to attract and manifest the life of your dreams.

Mobility: $75/Session

Joints and muscles operate on a ‘use it or lose it’ principle. If you’re experiencing limited mobility, persistent aches, and pains, our Kinesiologist is here to help. Your body requires regular maintenance to function optimally. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle often leads to rounded shoulders, tight hips, and achy backs, among other discomforts. Mobility is about understanding how to move, what to move, and how often. With our Functional Range & Conditioning (FRC) Certified Kinesiologist, you’ll experience significant improvements in how you feel, move, and live after just a few sessions. Schedule your session today and start your journey towards a better you!



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