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4 Week Self - Defense

Join us for a 4 Week Self-Defense Course! (NOV 28 – DEC 21)

Learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how it can be used in real life situations! We never want to have to defend ourselves, but we should always be prepared for it! Class will be held from 5:30pm – 7pm each week on Monday and Wednesday!

This is a safe and fun environment to learn skills that could save your life one day, burn some calories and maybe find a new hobby! Class will be held twice a week and are open to all ages. Safety and education are our main concern.

Class will be held at AMPT – Savannah, a new gym in downtown Savannah right off of MLK Blvd. The address is 411 W. Charlton St. and it has its own parking lot.

Our instructor is a brown belt that is preparing to compete at a world competition early next year. He has a wealth of knowledge and currently owns a BJJ facility in Richmond Hill. We highly encourage you to make your safety a priority!

why train WITH ampt?



We REALLY CARE about our clients and our community.

Our goal is to create as large of a positive impact as possible and that starts with you!

We put in the time and energy to really understand you, your struggles and your goals so that we can get you the best results and change your life! If we can give you your dream body, more energy, less pain and reduced stress.. our job is done!

Alsoooo, we have a PARKING LOT! If you’ve been downtown.. you know!


Watch to find out what we are about.

We are a family!

We are a loyal and committed group of people that are dedicated to the betterment of ourselves and those around us. If you check out our “about” tab, you can see our family and get to know a little bit about our personalities. If you respect and join our family, you can be apart of making a difference. We are here to grow any idea that helps people progress in life through fitness, holistic medicine, mindfulness practice and really anything you can think of. We are OPEN EARS with OPEN MINDS. Pitch us an idea and we’ll consider incorporating it into our business model!


Reduced anxiety or depression, increase in self-confidence, stronger immune system, increased presence, reduced chances of preventable diseases and obesity, and a more centered sense of self.



What are Mindfulness Practices, and what do they have to do with Fitness?

Mindfulness practices are activities that increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, senses and how they impact your actions. Many people give up on their fitness goals because of negative biases. Addressing these biases can drastically improve your performance in the gym, which can cultivate improvements in your overall life. In a similar way that writing something down helps you to remember it more effectively, pairing mindfulness practices with physical activity creates longer lasting adaptations that allows for a higher level of both learning and execution, resulting in deeper mind-body connection.

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is a training style that prepares you for all daily activities by emphasizing compound exercises and proper biomechanical movement patterns. Compared to other styles of resistance training, functional fitness focuses more heavily on proper posture, control, and synergistic movement. This approach to training enables you to build a solid foundation by developing both your body and understanding of proper movement patterns. As a result, your risk for injury decreases and your performance of any and all activities increases.

What are some examples of Mindfulness Practices?

You can practice mindfulness anywhere and at anytime. Any intentional action that helps you to focus attention on your own Awareness, Perceptions or Perspectives is practicing mindfulness. Some popular techniques are focused attention or reflection, journaling, meditation, and stoic practices. These techniques can be done while at work, as a part of your morning routine or while watching your kids. Through consistent use of these techniques, actionable steps will become more obvious and easier to implement in the ways necessary to see lasting self-improvement.

How will AMPT help me achieve results I’ve struggled with in the past?

Our goal is to help people cultivate a deeper understanding of their mind, their body and the obstacles that have held them back. Our team is dedicated to helping people by leveraging our various experiences and combining it with a modern understanding of both the brain and body. We pride ourselves on working to stay up-to-date on the relevant scientific breakthroughs in both exercise science and neuroscience. No matter where you are starting from or where you are now, we can help you unleash the universe of potential that lies within you.

Who can benefit from Functional Fitness?

Anyone wanting to make changes to their physique, improve their performance in a sport, or set foundations for more advanced styles of training would benefit greatly from functional fitness, but the short answer is EVERYONE! Learning to move with a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell will teach you to use your body properly, in a way that will add both years to your life and life to your years. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a sport, recover from an injury, or regain your youth, functional fitness is for you!



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