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AMPT is not just a personal training business; it’s a holistic approach to living your best life. We believe that true wellness comes from nurturing both the body and the mind. Our mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential through a unique blend of athletics and mindfulness.

We believe that when you take control of your health and well-being, you take control of your story. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Together, we’ll build a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant future—for ourselves and for our community.


Our experienced trainers are not just fitness experts; they’re also mindfulness practitioners who understand the importance of cultivating a deeper self-understanding.

Through a combination of functional fitness exercises, mindfulness practices, and personalized coaching, we help our clients develop the confidence, capacity, and capabilities they need to thrive in all areas of life.

We do more than train, we educate and guide you to a well-defined idea of success. As a unique individual, we take the time to get to know you and genuinely care about your goals to ensure accelerated results!


“I came to AMPT looking for someone to help get me back into shape and hold me accountable. Travis, Ricky and Sergio have been such a pleasure to work with at the gym. Travis & Sergio each push me without putting me at risk of injury. I’m seeing results and that has helped keep me motivated and coming back. Th three of them show up with a smile and positive attitude for my 6AM workouts.”

Ericka M.

Personal Training Client, Google Review

“I have been attending AMPT for two months now and there is no doubt it is the best and most positive change I have made in my life. The attention to detail of working out and lifting the correct way is unmatched. It doesn’t  matter what skill level you’re at, whether a  beginner or advanced athlete. Travis and Coach Moose will work with you to improve your mind and body in a way that will push you to be healthy and the best version of yourself.”

Jordan G

Class Member, Google Review

“I lived in Savannah for almost a year when this place opened. I couldn’t find a good place to weightlift in (you can’t drop weight from overhead at the zoo!) and this fit what I needed in a gym. Well-equipped and the owners are friendly and knowledgeable. They leave me alone to do my thing when my headphones are in but are friendly and down to chat when I don’t lol. Come check it out! No matter what your goals are there is something for you here!”

Joy V.

Open Gym Member, Google Review


What are Mindfulness Practices, and what do they have to do with Fitness?

Mindfulness practices are activities that increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, senses and how they impact your actions. Many people give up on their fitness goals because of negative biases. Addressing these biases can drastically improve your performance in the gym, which can cultivate improvements in your overall life. In a similar way that writing something down helps you to remember it more effectively, pairing mindfulness practices with physical activity creates longer lasting adaptations that allows for a higher level of both learning and execution, resulting in deeper mind-body connection.

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is a training style that prepares you for all daily activities by emphasizing compound exercises and proper biomechanical movement patterns. Compared to other styles of resistance training, functional fitness focuses more heavily on proper posture, control, and synergistic movement. This approach to training enables you to build a solid foundation by developing both your body and understanding of proper movement patterns. As a result, your risk for injury decreases and your performance of any and all activities increases.

What are some examples of Mindfulness Practices?

You can practice mindfulness anywhere and at anytime. Any intentional action that helps you to focus attention on your own Awareness, Perceptions or Perspectives is practicing mindfulness. Some popular techniques are focused attention or reflection, journaling, meditation, and stoic practices. These techniques can be done while at work, as a part of your morning routine or while watching your kids. Through consistent use of these techniques, actionable steps will become more obvious and easier to implement in the ways necessary to see lasting self-improvement.

How will AMPT help me achieve results I’ve struggled with in the past?

Our goal is to help people cultivate a deeper understanding of their mind, their body and the obstacles that have held them back. Our team is dedicated to helping people by leveraging our various experiences and combining it with a modern understanding of both the brain and body. We pride ourselves on working to stay up-to-date on the relevant scientific breakthroughs in both exercise science and neuroscience. No matter where you are starting from or where you are now, we can help you unleash the universe of potential that lies within you.

Who can benefit from Functional Fitness?

Anyone wanting to make changes to their physique, improve their performance in a sport, or set foundations for more advanced styles of training would benefit greatly from functional fitness, but the short answer is EVERYONE! Learning to move with a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell will teach you to use your body properly, in a way that will add both years to your life and life to your years. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a sport, recover from an injury, or regain your youth, functional fitness is for you!



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